PHABRIX Rx Loudness Instrument for broadcasting safety


In order to control the perceived loudness of one program against another (chat show, advert, film, etc), a number of organizations such as the ITU, EBU and ATSC have produced codes of practice to cover program loudness. PHABRIX Rx Loudness Instrument is to ensure that the spoken voice level is consistent across all programs, live events and advertising.


PHARIX Rx Loudness Instrument

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Loudness Compliance
The primary application for the Loudness metering and logging is
ensuring compliance to local Loudness requirements. Typically this is performed as part of a broadcasters Quality and Compliance processes.

If program loudness is measured at ingest corrective action can be taken prior to broadcast. This is essential when broadcasters are obtaining programs material from all around the world and from countries with different loudness codes of practice.

When producing program material for broadcasters with specific program loudness requirements it can be far more cost effective to deliver what is expected rather that having to re-work a program after it has be rejected on the grounds of incorrect program loudness.

Live Events
When transmitting or recording a live event it can be beneficial to monitor the average loudness while events are unfolding to ensure that program loudness limits are not unintentionally exceeded.

Rx Loudness Tools

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The tools provided in the “Loudness” window allow the loudness of the selected stereo audio pair, 5.1 surround or 7.1 surround audio group to be monitored and measured. The Rx system provides a single Loudness meter as standard and an additional 3 Loudness meters are available as an option (PHRXO-4LOU). The Loudness meters are accessed via the Analyser module menu on the HDMI® monitor output.

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