Yellowtec brings new Products to NAB!


Yellowtec as one of our sole distributors in Vietnam has announced to bring two brand new products to our booth at NAB: iXm Uplink and PUC 2 Mic LEA.

iXm Uplink: the new App for your iXm.

iXm Uplink is a new recording iOS app for the iXm digital recording microphone. The new app facilitates the uplink of data from the iXm microphone by IOS devices like the iPhone. The iXm Uplink App allows trimming, archiving and several useful features like the use of meta tags. This will be of particular interest to reporters, as it allows them to email recordings directly to the studio after tagging their files.


PUC Mic LEA: We built iXm's real-time DSP Engine into our class-leading interface.

Also debuting at NAB 2015 is Yellowtec's new PUC Mic LEA. It integrates the real-time LEA DSP Engine from the iXm digital recording microphone into a class-leading audio interface. Yellowtec's LEA technology allows crystal clear recordings without time-consuming post-processing by capturing perfect levels without clipping or artefacts. A look-ahead peak limiter avoids ADC distortion by converting the microphone signal twice.


To schedule an appointment during NAB 2015, pls contact us at:

Mr. Bjarne Pedersen

Email: Bjarne.pedersen@danmonasia.com

Mobile: +45 40 30 48 99


Tel: +84 4 3 758 5000; Fax: +84 4 3 758 5009

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